BMX racing in s steadily growing sport in the US.  Its got its start in the 70’s in Southern California,  than is was called Pedal Cross.  People were converting bikes to best suit a dirt track similar to those riding my dirt bikes.  The name morphed from Pedal Cross to Bicycle Motocross, BMX for short.

 BMX cyclist on supercross bike

BMX Cyclist on Supercross Bike

During this time no one made BMX race bikes.   Riders were modifying bikes to handles the turns and jumps of a dirt course.  Although the movement started in California the same scene it was starting in places like Nebraska, Florida, Texas or New Jersey.

In 1977, we started to see BMX races around the nation from coast to coast.  Its was not the organized race we see today but it was start.  as it continued to gain traction the need for a national sanctioning organization developed.  So the  AMERICAN BICYCLE ASSOCIATION (ABA) was created.

With over 370 BMX tracks located all around the country, there is surely a USA BMX facility near you.